Other Tourist Sites 

There are other sites you will want to see that are not related to Jesus or to Christianity. 

While you are in the area you should not miss these:

Swimming in the Dead Sea
Swimming in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located at the south end of the Jordan River and is a special attraction to swimmers.  The water is so dense with chemicals that you can’t sink.  You can’t swim either but you can float on your back. It is best not to shave on the day you are visiting because the water will sting any nicks, cuts and pimples on the swimmer.  

The Dead Sea is a continuation of the Rift Valley in Africa and marks the lowest point in the valley. The Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran were found here and are on display in Jerusalem.

Masada is a National Park of Israel.  It is built on a steep cliff near the Dead Sea and is believed to be the location of the Roman’s last stand in the year 73 C.E. after the Jewish revolt which began in 66 C.E. The story is that the Zealots who fled to this rock fortress killed themselves and their families to avoid being captured by the Romans. It is used by Jews as an illustration of courage in the face of enemies.

Floor of Yad VashemThe Israel Museum in Jerusalem is a “must” to understand the pre-history, archeology, and history of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.  Attached to the Museum is the Shrine of the Book which displays the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran.  It has a large dome shaped like a lid of a jar in which the scrolls were found, and under the dome is the scroll of the book of Isaiah written on pieces of skin sewed together. 

Yad Vashem – is located in Jerusalem and memorializes the Holocaust of World War II and the Jews lost in Hitler’s “final solution”.  It contains pictures, plans, and official documents which tell the story of the Holocaust and its victims.