More Than A Tourist

You are a Christian visiting your own Holy Land or Homeland because this is the area where Jesus lived and the Church was founded.  Even if you do not consider yourself a pilgrim, you are doing many of the same things that pilgrims of past centuries have done. The following section is meant to make your visit a transformative experience and not just one more vacation trip. Christians in the West Bank and Israel are proud of their lives in the Christian Holy Land and they wish for connections with other Christians. This gives them and you the opportunity to affirm the belief from early Christianity that “those who live in communities of faith belong to a fellowship that is larger than that provided by the local community.” (The Rise of Normative Christianity by Arland J. Hultgren, page 86)  You can experience that quote by meeting local Christians. Ideas are found in the sectiion of this website called Indigenous Christians in “Christianity then and now"

This section includes:

Advice before leaving home

Issues concerning traveling into and out of Israel

Safety concerns in the Middle East

Living in a new cultural environment

What to bring home and how to get it

The Christian Information Center as your source of information