Helping others understand

You do not have to visit the Christian Holy Land in order to understand the situation. But you can help Christians in the Christian Holy Land, and you can press for American Christians to be able to visit this area and not a “Disney land” version of reality. You can also put pressure on leaders and others to keep Jerusalem an international city which allows people of any religion to visit.

This section contains several ways in which you can do this:

Danger Sign at Golon Heights
Danger Sign at Golon Heights
  • Defending Christian Holy places in this area.
  • Understanding Palestine (Palestinian rights and values).
  • Insisting on your own agenda and avoiding other people’s agendas, and intimidation.
  • Learning the meaning of words and how they have been changed. 
  • Watching the news, including social media, and refuting lies or distortions.

There are Advocacy networks in many Christian denominations which you can join. Check with your denominational office about the PIN network.